Five Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Furniture

1) Strength and durability: Solid wood is a resilient and long lasting material. If you’re looking for furniture that will serve you well for years, Solid wood should be the go to choice. Whatever species you choose – whether it be Maple or Pine, Cherry or Birch – there is an innate stability and reliability to a well-made, Solid Wood dining table or bed.

2) Beauty and versatility: Solid wood furniture lends a unique charm and beauty to a room. Especially when crafted by skilled artisans, each piece can be specially finished to highlight its unique textures and grains. And whether your style be modern or classic, casual or formal, solid wood furniture can immediately bring warmth, coziness and natural beauty to any room.

3) Long term value: While it may be more expensive than furniture made of particle board, MDF etc., the durability of Solid Wood furniture ensures that it offers excellent value for money. Instead of constantly spending on furniture every couple of years, you invest in a quality piece that often improves with age! Furniture made from Solid wood is easily passed on from generation to generation. But even if you should want to ever sell a piece, solidly built, well maintained furniture can easily retain its value over the years.

4) Ease of maintenance: It only takes a good dusting and an occasional, light polish to keep wood surfaces looking their best. If scratches, dents or marks appear over time, it is easy to sand down and re-finish Solid Wood furniture, unlike furniture made from MDF, particle board and such cheaper materials.

5) Sustainability: When sourced from responsibly managed forests, wood offers an excellent option for sustainability, and is thus an ecologically sound way of furnishing a home. Also, if you consider, wood that is responsibly sourced is the only renewable building material around—trees that are harvested for their wood can be replenished by new growth. In addition, the production and processing of wood furniture takes up less carbon footprint than other materials.

Another way that Solid Wood furniture is good for the environment and the economy is that most of the times, it is sourced from locally grown materials and is made locally by independent craftsmen. It is thus an excellent way of supporting small businesses and the local economy.

Why you should invest in Quality Furniture

When starting to shop for furniture, we are often faced with cheap options offered at low prices. While it may be tempting, is it right to buy sofas, tables, chairs and other furnishings at the lowest possible price? We believe that furniture, like a good suit, a beautiful necklace or a stock portfolio, is an investment. If you spend wisely, and make the right choice, you get a return out of your investment: comfort, beauty, satisfaction and even savings over the long run!

You Enjoy Quality Furniture

Well constructed and well finished furniture looks and feels beautiful! You enjoy the look, the feel and the comfort. Good furniture lasts longer, makes you feel better, and gives you more happiness and satisfaction with the choice you have made.

Quality furniture is not just comfortable for you, it makes a statement about who you are and how you live to anyone who walks in.

Quality Furniture Saves you Money

Back in the days, furniture was always something that was made well, and made to last. Nowadays, cheap materials, cheap overseas labour, and worldwide shipping have given rise to inexpensive “stuff” that we buy, lured in by incessant advertising by big box stores and online websites. We fill our homes with this low quality furniture that soon breaks down, at which point we go out to buy another round of inexpensive stuff to tide us over.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Investing in good quality furniture saves you money in the long run, and prevents waste too. Instead of constantly spending on replacements, you spend once on a piece of furniture that will last, and which you will enjoy!

Quality Furniture adds Value to your Home

Quality furniture makes your house look great and adds value to your home. You invest a lot of money in your property, and the furniture you put into it should reflect that value. We are often amazed to see beautiful, high end houses filled with low quality and poorly styled furniture. High quality furniture enhances the value and appeal of your home.

Quality Furniture doesn’t have to be Expensive

Buying quality doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! You can look for furniture that has value – good design and high quality without an exorbitant price tag. You can also pace yourself –  there is no need to buy everything expensive and buy everything all at once. Beautiful homes are often built with furniture that has been lovingly collected and curated over time.

At Living Expressions, we are your source for furniture that has style, quality and value. Come in and visit us today.