Luxury Support Mattress

$449.00 – $899.00

$1,199.00 $449.00
SKU: MT-104-10

Product Description

The Luxury Support mattress is built using a sturdy continuous coil system that has a superior coil count. Centre and lumbar support is added to provide correct posture support and prevent sagging. The Luxury Support mattress is also quilted with several layers of foam and downy fibers. Green bio high-density foam is used throughout the mattress. A plush pillow top is added for great comfort and soft cotton feel fibers in the covering help promote air flow and maintain balanced temperature on the sleep surface.
  • Thick pillow top provides plush comfort
  • Continuous coil system for optimal support
  • Superior coil coint
  • Integrated centre and lumbar support
  • Quilted comfort layers
  • Green bio high density foam
  • Built-in Edge support
  • Covering with Soft cotton feel fibers